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Robert Sheckley Relief Drive

He collapsed after a recent s-f convention in the Ukraine. The concom, which invited him as a guest of honor, checked him into a private hospital, where he had intensive care that saved his life. But he needed further, prolonged hospitalization that has resulted in a rather large bill. The convention committee picked up the initial bill, but Bob & his family need help picking up the rest of the tab.

Paypal donations to the Robert Sheckley Relief Drive can be made *here*.

More details are available on Neil Gaiman's blog and at

If you're reading this on my LJ, you probably already know all of these details, except for the (repeated) PAYPAL DONATION LINK; which is the point of my resummarizing it.

Click-by Plokta News Network or Interthingy web people: Might you publicize the Paypal link? (I do know that Langford posted it in a comment on the May 6 PNN news item.)

Addendum (5-24): Updated Paypal donation link per new info from Anya Sheckley.

To friendly scrollers-by from the vaster LJ friends list multiverse:
If you like Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy but haven't read Robert Sheckley, you might enjoy hunting up copies of his Mindswap and Dimension of Miracles novels. Sheckley's slated to be Guest of Honor at this year's World Science Fiction Convention. He's a friendly guy with a great sense of humor, as well as being one of the greatest short story writers in the canon of science fiction. (See here.)

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