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I haven't had the urge to post here for awhile. I've been preoccupied by personally riveting (but globally dull) emotions associated with day-to-day efforts to find a steady job. (They hated me at the interview. They liked me at the interview. I'm going to be saved from an old age of panhandling on the street and go to Readercon. No. Oh well, at least I'm getting some interviews. Here comes another one!)

But I can't make myself click through this startling revelation without wanting to publicize it:

"Paul Williams' eyes sparkle as he remembers the day he made the discovery. "It was in the last box of Phil's papers," he recalls. "On the outside, he'd written 'Receipts' in magic marker, and sure enough, it was filled with receipts. I don't even remember why we were bothering to look through it."

He smiles a great big grin. "I was halfway through them when we spotted something else...."

-- via Jim Henley's Unqualified Offerings..


In distantly related news: I'm in the process of preparing the Potlatch 14 discussion notes, in which I hope to include a scanned playbill of "The Complete Works of PKD (Abridged)" dramatic presentation at P14. Also audience reports of PKD-related (and other) panel items.

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