Spacecrab (spacecrab) wrote,

Maggie's server farm

I'm currently working on a part-time project as a "slightly-more-than-ghost" contract writer (flat fee, but I'll get a cover credit).

Since no teacher/instructor gig has materialized for me, yet, this quarter, I tend to hit Craigslist on a daily basis, in search of either a part-time teaching job, or an IT job to complement the writing.

I found this ad up there, today:
"Full-time experienced Inventory Control Administrator/Auditor and Hardware Systems Technician for the West Coast’s number one Dedicated Server provider."

Followed by an extensive list of qualifications:

"1. Control and manage more than 1,500 servers including new hardware procurement with focus on hardware operations efficiency and effective resource utilization. Keep assets earning revenue. No more than 0.1% servers in service but not billing. No more than 0.1% servers "lost". Keep inventory of servers owned but not generating revenue under 2% (currently 13%) by working with the Datacenter Team to keep them operational and the Marketing Team to sell them and when appropriate, by liquidating unusable inventory. Keep inventory of miscellaneous assets such as RAM and hard-drives at less than 1% "lost" and less than 5% not generating revenue.

This is a tough job that gives unbeatable experience. We require experienced and dedicated people with a diverse skill set including:

• Thorough knowledge of PC hardware, components, assembly and configuration (2 years experience required).
• Meticulous, detail-oriented inventory management experience (2 years experience required).
• Extensive data entry with target of 100% accuracy, aggressive fact-finding and problem resolution skills (2 years experience required). Use of inventory scanning system at a workstation and use of a mobile workstation at various locations in the data center is required (must be willing/able to reach height of seven feet).
• Auditing and reporting: periodic inventory audits and records management (1 year experience). Weekly, monthly and annual reports will be required."

And on and on .... until the last lines:

$15 hourly with benefits. This is a full time position."

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