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I'm behind. I have several posts in my head, but haven't managed to convince myself I should write them. (I'm feeling like what seems righteous to me -- and what seems sucky -- is probably out of sync with the aesthetics of potential LJ readers.)

I'm also feeling a bit outclassed by my peer group, after this weekend's Corflu convention. So many people kicked trufannish ass, there, and Pubbed Their Ish (as we say in the peer group).

This was always home at our s-f conventions: an old friend enters a party room and pulls ten copies of a new fanzine out of a tote bag. A hush falls over the room as ten pairs of hands flip through pages. The page rustling gives way to conversation again. Another familiar face appears; hands pass out copies of another popular fanzine. The cycle repeats. Last year's TAFF delegate appears -- carrying fifty freshly-printed copies of a thick TAFF report authored by this year's delegate! (Okay, that part is a bit unusual.) Five dollar bills are passed. More conversation, more page turning.

I was empty-handed, this year. But the bad taste of the following Noreascon 4 program description has almost been rinsed out of my mouth:

"Thursday 1:00 p H307:
Luddites of Fandom?

Why do some fans persist in doing things the old-fashioned way — not getting an email connection[,] or publishing fanzines on paper instead of posting on the Web? Are the people who still use real paper a handful of misfit cranks who won't get with the program?"

"Cranky" is as "cranky" does, I guess. I'm hoping to put my ink and staples where my HTML is as soon as I can manage it.

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