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Spacecrab's Journal
LB in SF
More inner Crab 
3rd-Mar-2004 02:20 am
If I haven't added you to my Friends list, it's because I'm starting out by "friending" people I'm reasonably sure won't mind being added -- until I get a feel for LJ etiquette. If you know me, feel free to announce yourself.

I've been a well-known crab over on rec.arts.sf.fandom and have been known to tire people out over my lack of tact/tone in expressing alienation. (For instance, I seem to have a disproportionate sense of disappointment with the cleverest, funniest, most skillfully deployed media productions that manage to materialize on American TV screens. I grew up internalizing art and searching for stuff that might serve as emotional/political extensions of my own and my generation's ethical and aesthetic aspirations.) You wouldn't get an argument from me that, for instance BTVS, South Park, and The Daily Show were/are cutting-edge TV. But I have an unrelenting internal voice that protests:

The rainbow has a beard!

BTVS writers struck me as preferring to stack their scripts, too often, to play games with viewer emotions -- despite episodes that I'll admit are brilliant, and a lot of other clever ones. South Park is usually incisively funny, but occasionally insultingly ugly and unfair in its author-selected attacks. We praise Jon Stewart's devastatingly candid Daily Show commentary on George Bush and his deadpan deconstructions of media hypocrisy. But we skip over the chummy, almost sycophantic treatment he's given to interview guests like neocon John Podhoretz. (I can't google up the transcript for that one, on 2/24/04, yet; but I'm willing to transcribe some of it from VHS, if someone asks.)

I'm, of course, answerable to charges that I'm Just Getting Old -- or what do I want, anyway, egg in my beer?
3rd-Mar-2004 10:03 pm (UTC) - Hey!
It took me a minute to recognize your photo -- over time, I think I'm more used to seeing you with a moustache.

My secret identity is revealed here.
4th-Mar-2004 01:24 pm (UTC)
You could be much worse. I for example have always thought those Buffy episodes I've seen either entertaining fluff or somewhat dull, never brilliant.
6th-Mar-2004 06:24 am (UTC)
Well, if you like Tim Burton style horror, "Hush" is an impressive accomplishment. In "Once More With Feeling" Joss Whedon does an honest job of extracting the memes that generate the characters in the show and turning them into a good-natured, well-constructed musical comedy.
Most of the episodes are full of well-written dialog, and well-played irony.

But, to me, it feels like the writers were more interested in poking at characters and viewers than telling believable stories about the consequences of murder and other acts of violence. People talk about Buffy as moral fiction, but the "correct" pragmatic choices the characters are driven to strike me (in general) as being forced on them by the writers -- writers who rigged the plot premises to push as many emotional buttons as they could think of in each episode.
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