Spacecrab (spacecrab) wrote,

Spellbingler strikes out . . .

Waiting to record Gilmore Girls and flipping through news channels, I encounter Pat Buchanan on CNBC. Buchanan states that embeds should not be allowed to photograph (or report on) incidents like the Sunday shooting of the unarmed Iraqi in the mosque. "Don't you think it would be better if reporters were forbidden to report incidents like this? Doesn't it hurt the morale of people fighting to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people? Shouldn't that photographer ((Kevin Sites)) have "lost" or destroyed his photos?"

Again and again, he asks these questions of different interview subjects.

US Army Captain John Lewis (U.S. Marine veteran of the Iraqi conflict who lost an eye), Retired Colonel Jack Jacobs, and Time Magazine correspondent T. Bryan all rebut Buchanan, stating that the alternative of suppressing stories like this is unconscionable. Buchanan takes a commercial break and asks the same leading questions again, substituting "Abu Ghraib photos" for the mosque shooting. "Shouldn't distribution of these photos be prevented?"

He is rebutted again by all of them, as well as by G. Gordon Liddy. I feel a bit less nauseous. Buchanan rambles on to question Condoleeza Rice's qualifications to be Secretary of State (go figure). "If she was a fat white guy like me, she wouldn't get the job. You cannot have this level of mismanagement and failure to lay out a strategic vision," says Larry Johnson, former Deputy Director of the State Department.

One of the regular Gilmore Girls characters confessed to being a reader of Philip K. Dick novels, two weeks ago. Norman Mailer was a guest star the week before that. I'm going down dial.

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