Spacecrab (spacecrab) wrote,

Five for the Future

OK. I'm not much into LJ memes along the lines of "fish today's paper out of the trash, go to the second strip on the comics page, and find the first word in the second thought balloon. Then open the nearest paperback and print the first paragraph that contains the thought-balloon word."

But, I do find myself interested in starting a different LJ meme:

Find the Friendly Elephants!

In 2005 there will 44 Democrats, 55 Republicans and James Jeffords (an independent) in the U.S. Senate. Since Livejournal effectively reaches all around the country, I'm wondering whether it might be able to come up with five Republican Senators who:

a) will join Democrats in resisting bills that privatize Social Security --
bills that authorize a reduction of 2% or more in all Social Security deductions for wage earners to invest on their own, and bills that establish a private Social Security trust fund as a preliminary to implementing the deduction reduction.

b) will join Democrats in resisting Neocon proposals to "simplify" the tax system
proposals that seek to implement a "flat tax," replace income tax with sales tax, or simply pass more lopsided tax cuts that force below $100,000/yr wage earners to make up the difference granted to above $100,000/yr earners.

c) will join Democrats in resisting the appointment of one or more Supreme Court justices who would vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

Are these Republican Senators out there? Who are they? Once we identify the ones most likely to be receptive, perhaps we can start some letter-writing campaigns in their districts. And to accompany the list of Senators, we can provide cut-and- paste links to sound, reasoned explanations of why Bush's proposals are a really bad idea.

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