Spacecrab (spacecrab) wrote,

More Montesquieu Street Blues

This Wednesday, the 11PM KPFA dj came in and started talking about an unannounced Bob Dylan concert that had just taken place at the old Avalon Ballroom. (They don't call it that, anymore, except when Robert Hunter comes in to play. For Dylan, it was rechristened "The Grand.")

So when I found out I'd just missed a chance to see Bob Dylan perform in a small ballroom, I experienced a sharp pang of envy. (My Wednesday evening was spent watching John Kerry rebut the improved, non-scowling "education" non-President; then watching Sean Hannity create and fail a "litmus test" on the morality of acknowledging minority sex preferences.)

Thursday evening raves about the Dylan show prompted me to geek out and turn up a link to an audience recording. It downloaded while I slept; and I listened to it this morning. I thought he sounded kind of drunk and randomly gravelly. That's the risk you take with listening to Bob Dylan -- inspired poet for the ages or rambling gravel guy. You never know which one is going to show up.

It's just my opinion; but my suspicions are reinforced that some music reviewers are about as dependable as post-debate spin room boys.

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