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OK, I've been sick, recently, no public details, but I'm getting better. I spent most of the day working on my music. I'm playing guitar again, in my three-to-four chord way. I worked on mixing some recordings in Nero WaveEditor, which has enough features for what I want to do right now. Mostly, I find flaws in my voice and am conscious of stops and small muffs in my playing, but I've got a few recordings on my hard disk, now, that sound good enough, to me, for public distribution -- to a public that might like square folk songs. I've got a one or two personal ballads; been going over recordings from my open mike days in the '90s. I got a little applause back then and am building toward going out in public again.

While I'm out of work, this keeps me going in the daytime. I hope I'm in shape to make it to next year's Minicon, or some Minneapolis music gathering. I miss playing at them.

Links provided in private for anyone curious to listen to what I've been doing.


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