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Spacecrab's Journal
LB in SF
Seems like old times .... 
25th-Mar-2012 07:11 pm
A long time ago, in San Francisco, a community of psychedelic freaks appointed outposts to cruise by Winterland and telephone Bill Graham's office several times a week on the off-chance that *tonight* might be a night that the boys were getting together for another dynamite unadvertised concert.

After thirty years or so, this started to get old, along with the energy that often went into the concerts.

But in the last month or so, Phil Lesh seems to have found a way to ignite that old spark in a new form with his new bar/nightclub, Terrapin Xroads. In the last two weeks, he's assembled various combinations of musicians from the Bay Area jamband scene and staged concerts there almost every night -- each night different, each setlist different. In addition to a weekend of free concerts to kick off the nightclub's opening, he's done a number of webcasts And as jaded as I am about the music now produced by the remnants of the Grateful Dead, he's managed to reconvert me into a fan.

New show tonight!! 7:45PM PST. Internet simulcast at: http://terrapincrossroads.net/news/march-25th-webcast-free-click-here/

If you think that Grateful Dead music is old news, now (which it is), check out this show from earlier this month, featuring Warren Haynes and Jeff Chimenti. These days, the Cryptical Envelopment from Anthem of the Sun segues into a kick-ass version of the Who's Magic Bus, and St. Stephen goes into Layla: (about 0:37 into the show, if your bandwidth lets you fiddle with the Youtube slider)

26th-Mar-2012 07:03 pm (UTC)
The widening gyres of the former bandmembers are fascinating.
I catch Mickey just about every time he goes through Chicago, and saw Billy's current band a few months ago (well, maybe it was last summer).
I remember being blown away by Phil's first tour as the lead act. He *owned* the repertoire. The next time he came through, it was pretty much all modern "huh?" stuff. So I won't be getting every show I can, but it's a long way form writing him off.

It's great news that he's got the itch.
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