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Sick people

Subjective reaction: Two op-eds linked on Google News right now are making me feel sick, myself. This guy should probably be classified as a direct infection vector for this disease.

This one belongs to a known species of bacteria that has a more subtle effect on the ecosystem. What should we do about the problem of health care delivery in the United States? Fareed Zakariah (a well-known, well-dressed pundit) Views With Alarm the potential increased cost to taxpayers of health care under the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

How does he know that potential for increased cost is there? Well, how do we know it isn't there? What's the answer to this fear of an uncertain future? Well, universal health care is a nice dream for children, but (alas), well-heeled, well-dressed people like Fareed Zakariah (who already have and can pay for their health insurance) can't afford to gamble with uncertainty. Just raise the price of everything for medical consumers! Let the Invisible Hand of the Market sort things out. That'll solve the problem. Don't think too hard about why every other First World country spends less money on health care than we do in the U.S. Just believe what the well-dressed, grownup bacterium tells you: governments can't be trusted to provide for the common welfare of their citizens.

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