Spacecrab (spacecrab) wrote,

Atrios? What am I missing here?

In an entry dated today, Atrios (Duncan Black) expresses "cautious optimism" about Obama's plans for health care reform, based on some remarks that Obama just made in Minneapolis.

Breaking with the healthy skepticism that is usually the signature element of his blog, Atrios says:

"While this process has been rather maddening, I've still remained just on the side of cautious optimism about the final result of health care reform. I don't expect it to be awesome, but it might be just be good enough."

But Obama's speech that Atrios and Digby link to for "new hope" sounds like it does nothing except reiterate support for the crippled "public option" proposal that will insure, at most, 10 million additional people above the current Medicare rolls [- correction, 9/14-LB].

It wouldn't be exactly nothing to establish a safety net for 10 million people who don't currently have (and can't afford to buy) *any* insurance. But the rest of the citizens of the U.S. need more than that and deserve more. I can't see anything in the "co-op" shopping plans that Obama seems to be supporting that will reduce the obscene prices the insurance companies can and do charge the 200 million 45 million of us [thanks wild_irises for catching that] who don't qualify for "group" insurance.

That's good enough? (By the way, I'd definitely like to see more information about what would happen to the employer-funded "Group" plans under Obama health care reform. If the Republicans have their way "Health Care Reform" may also tax those out of existence.)


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