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Spacecrab's Journal
LB in SF
'Still Truckin' Update 
26th-Apr-2009 09:12 am
The Listen to it link referenced in yesterday's 'Still Truckin' post now goes to a broadcast of The Dead at Madison Square Garden: 4-25-09.

Live365.com, an Internet radio station, is apparently covering the entire tour.

This Picky Deadhead's opinion is that 4/25/09 is not completely shabby. But with a challenging setlist that includes St. Stephen->The Eleven, it has a greater history of awesomeness to compete with.

I stand by my initial take that the 4/24/09 Nassau Coliseum show rocks out. See for yourself:

The fellow on the right with the long hair is Warren Haynes, of Government Mule fame. [[9-6-09: Substitute Easy Wind for Goin' Down the Road, same night's performance. The whole show now streams at Archive.org if you want to check out GDTR.]]

Oh, and FWIW, here's Nassau Coliseum: September 7 1973, (Contains Here Comes Sunshine as the second set opener.)

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