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Spacecrab's Journal
LB in SF
See you in Botany Bay! 
14th-Jan-2009 10:40 pm
Thanks, old friend. We won't forget you.

Footnote (1/15/08):
Many years ago, I wrote a lengthy piece called "The Village Storybook" that was published in SHAGGY (Shangri L'Affaires, the genzine produced by the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society). In there, I referred to a possible explicit connection between #6 and "John Drake" (Dangerman/Secret Agent from McGoohan's first TV spy series). It sounded to me, at the time, like #6 was referred to specifically (once and quickly) as "Drake" in THE PRISONER, in "The Girl Who Was Death" episode.

I've also been thinking about the final PRISONER episode. There's a scene where McGoohan, Leo McKern (the converted rebel No. 2), and Alexis Kanner (the rebel hippie, #48) are dancing inside the bars of a prison truck. They're sharing a champagne toast while being driven to London. McKern (No. 2) is dropped off in front of Parliament. Alexis Kanner (#48) is dropped off near a highway and immediately sticks out his thumb to hitchhike. Patrick McGoohan (Drake?) goes home and is ushered into his house by his mysterious butler/manservant.

Remembering this, it struck me that all us USAans are now sitting in our getaway prison truck, clutching our bottle of champagne -- while being driven swiftly to Obama's inauguration. The butler stands ready to usher us back into our home. It's a time to celebrate freedom! But in THE PRISONER, I was always slightly suspicious about who the butler was really working for.

((7-11-09: The video has an "off again, on again" existence at YouTube, but you can still download it here))
15th-Jan-2009 08:17 am (UTC)
Not bent, stapled, briefed, or debriefed. He was indeed a man, and not a number.
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