Spacecrab (spacecrab) wrote,

My City's Not Gone ....

I looked up one evening and found my city was *still there.*



When I fell into the ticket line, listened to fans gossiping about the new tour bus parked in front of the theater, and eyeballed the arcane ornament patterns over the doorways of adjoining flats, I felt a familiar buzz.   

It could just as well have been 1972, standing outside the Keystone Korner, waiting for Jerry's kids to be ushered inside -- or several years later, receiving good wishes and a piece of Col. Sanders chicken delivered personally by Bill Graham, as he walked up and down the long line outside of Winterland. (Oh yes. *That* San Francisco.) Roadies dutifully carried stuff out of the big tour bus and I waited patiently, even though a power failure had pushed admission to the ballroom back 3/4 of an hour. A big cheer went up from the line when the GAMH marquee fired itself back into life. *E-lec-tri-city.*

I don't have the setlist, recordings (or even photos) for this to link to. (I realize that most of you who will be reading this, either from my Friends List -- or through the fandom central collection on pnh's list -- may have no inkling of why I'm raving on about this band. But I've decided to pretend that some of you may be interested enough to sample some material linked to in this post.)

For passersby who've "herd of 'em": David Gans opened the show and joined the Buffalos on "No Place Like The Right Time."

Crooked Fence, Chicken Yard
Life can be simple but still be hard
Oh my head, it hurts my eyes
The world's getting bigger as it shrinks in size.

Tara Nevins sang her heart out on "Family Picture," they did a bunch of stuff from their new release "Silverlined" and Jeb Puryear delivered a series of 4 to 5 minute guitar solos during the show-closing "Conscious Evolution" that made me feel he was directly channeling the fingers of Duane Allman. Proper invocations were made to wish for peace, love, harmony, and a prayer for a better life under Barack Obama. The band was at least as good as the sample stuff you'll find appended below, and the room was full of dancers -- young pretty ones with tall handsome boyfriends, mid 30s-to-40s ones, grey-haired couples, and lumpy, longhaired types (like me) who could have (and might have) stepped out from an s-f convention or WELL party:

Donna The Buffalo - Family Picture (Live image linked to Studio Performance)

Tides of Time

Some day I might figure it
Right now I'm just livin' it
Right now I'm just livin' it
Right now I'm just givin' it

Looking out over the multitude
Looking in to the heart of it
Reaching out into the middle of it
Seeing how we're a part of it

I'm feeling the tides of time
Moving in on my senses now
I'm feeling the tides of time
Pull me in, pull me out.

Here are a couple that coffeeem and willshetterly might like.

Locket and Key

Ring of Fire

*Oh, by the way: I don't have a link to the show I saw on Friday night (ed note: back in 2008; but here's a link to their 2021 tour dates).

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