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Spacecrab's Journal
LB in SF
Tenor of the Auth-Ons 
29th-Oct-2008 03:50 pm
David Tennant has just--

No. This journal is skipping that LJ replication echo for a smaller one.

Potlatch 18, the floating West Coast literary s-f convention has just released Progress Report #2 for the iteration coming up on February 27 - March 1, 2009 in Sunnyvale, California.

Extra goodies such as banquet tickets, a Freddie Baer-designed T-shirt, Writers Workshop registration, and a special letterpress poetry broadside can also be ordered by mail or through Paypal from the P18 website registration page.

If you're just tuning in to our program in progress (or, as you know, Bob/Roberta), Potlatch features books of honor rather than guests of honor--and this year it has two. The poetry broadside will feature poems written by the authors of both BoHs.

Tenor of the Auth-Ons? Sorry, that's how the well-established, little-recognized Spacecrab brain cells work. More circuses await exploration....
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