Spacecrab (spacecrab) wrote,

WSJ editorial is full of crap

Maybe it's true that Obama's got this.

But there's a link on Google News this morning to a Wall Street Journal editorial entitled "Obama and Health-Care Equity -- Barack defends tax subsidies for the rich."

The editorial brazenly asserts that:
"For someone running as the tribune of "change," Barack Obama showed again in last night's debate that he sure is comfortable with the status quo on health care. He continued his recent assaults on John McCain's health reform even though it is precisely the kind of plan that someone of Mr. Obama's professed convictions ought to support."

This WSJ opinion molder echoes McCain's whopper: that the McCain tax credit (which would allow a $5000 deduction for Health Insurance for families and $2500 for singles) would be sufficient economic stimulus to allow most currently-uninsured taxpayers to purchase individual health insurance.

*Wrong.* McCain's tax credit would allow a writeoff of $2500 per year for a single taxpayer. Check the website of any major health provider and you'll find that full coverage for a single taxpayer, for one year, costs at least twice this amount. And that's with a reasonable yearly deductible of $1500 to $3500. Try looking for PPO plans that cover all office visits and hospital care without making the patient cough up $1500 to $5000 a year, first, and you'll find the prices go up to $850-$1200 a month (or about $10,000 per year).

But, as many of you reading this will know, the kicker is that you can't get the insurance even at two to three times the money McCain would give you, unless you're young and healthy as a horse.

I'm painfully familiar with this, because I'm a single taxpayer who lost my employer-sponsored group plan in 2008 and had to go looking for individual coverage on my own. I checked out Anthem/BlueCross, BlueShield, HealthNet, PacificCare, Aetna, Kaiser, and a number of other carriers and did some extensive reading and telephoning of insurance brokers.

I was rejected outright by five major health insurance carriers. The stated reason on each rejection form was that I had reported having a renewable prescription for Protonix to address a diagnosis of GERD (kept under control with the prescription). I was just out of luck, along with nearly 40 percent of the U.S. Population. For having *one* renewable prescription.

After another few weeks of rigorous googling, I located a "not-so-well-known" carrier that was willing to take me on despite my prescriptions at a 50% markup on their standard rate (which amounts to the higher $10,000/year figure I cited above). I consider myself to be extremely fortunate. I found another job (with a small company that doesn't offer group health insurance); and I can pay my monthly "protection fee."

- -

The WSJ piece continues advising us to eat cake instead of bread by boasting about what a stimulus for business it would be to tax those nasty old employers who dare to provide unconditional group health plans for employees.

OK. I'm back to chilling for awhile. I hope Barack really has got it.

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