Spacecrab (spacecrab) wrote,

Great General Petraeus! / Merciful Minerva!*

I watched two men casting shadows on the CRT, tonight,
demoing themselves to an audience who (presumably) will
vote on which one casts a more appealing shadow.

What we (you, me, and our blogs)
know about the noumenal men
is that one is decent, with a conscience.
The other is an egotist, who shows nothing but gall.

I watch the phosphor shadows vye
in spotlight attempts to demonstrate which one
may prove to be more proficient at guiding
the White pieces to victory.
It's a shadow chess game that makes difficulty
as far as caring very much which shadow prevails --

until I jot this scribbling down, to remind myself
about some of the Real:

650,000 deaths.
Children gassed; blown up by our bombs --
murdered in their homes and in the marketplace.

Doubtful, senatorial conscientious objector
vs. self-serving callous toady
(toady's religion being "The Territorial Imperative.")

"No torture of any kind. That means you and me, brother!
   And no waterboarding."

"Um, well, I didn't like being tortured very much in Vietnam.
     But waterboarding -- sometimes we may have to do that,
    don't you think?"
We may ("sadly," we say) have to transmogrify
    into red white and blue monsters
so we can anticipate more of what Their Monsters might be thinking.

You admire the stand he took on torture !?
   Are you smokin' something bro?
Or is this one more case of
  "If I really say it, the radio won't play it?"

Hopeful good samaritan, working in the ghettos --
Chiseling, bald-faced liar-publicity hound.

Intelligent, well-meaning advocate of middle class rights --
Two-faced stupid plutocrat, bragging about the 50 cents
   he'll save you by stealing someone's food stamps.

Why can't we see some of those contrasts illuminated
(nstead of watching two shadows of the noumenal men,
   each trying to prove he might push the White pieces around
   more efficiently --
in an "As You Know Bob" game played
on a media-manufactured chessboard)?

*Updated on 9/27/08 and 12/2/08 by the Executive Committee for More Coherent Crabbing

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