Spacecrab (spacecrab) wrote,

Are we there?

Once again, it's International Talk Like an Old Weird American Day. While the world rejoices in celebration, we of the Invisible Republic pause to wish lydy a happy birthday (as is also traditional at this time).

*And* we are pleased to announce the electronic availability of the 7th issue of Whistlestar, which doubles as a paper s-f fanzine (such as the ones wistfully missed by LJ's own Paul di Filippo).

Gort is alive, magic is a foot.

The above-referenced issue of Whistlestar includes articles by several members of the Old Weird S-F Fandom. In particular, it contains the second part of Fanotchka a fannish play written by Andy Hooper as a pastiche of Ernst Lubitscha's 1939 film, Ninotchka, which starred Greta Garbo and Melvyn Douglas. The complete illustrated edition of Fanotchka is here.

"Who is Andy Hooper?" you may ask if you've stumbled onto this page without being on my Friends List. He's a man long overdue for one of those silly rocketship nominations you hear so much about these days. You can click here to listen to his most recent radio play, The Price of Pugwash, which was performed at this year's Corflu fanzine convention. If you do, you'll also hear what might pass for my entry in this year's "Talk Like [Johnny Fontless] Day" celebration -- about three minutes into the performance.

"Who should I tell, oh, who should I tell?
The forty-nine of you like bats out of hell
Oh underneath that old apple suckling tree,
Oh yeah!"

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