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I expressed yearning, in my last post, to boil current events down to a situation that my inner sf-fanboy can understand. ("Hm, things heap bad, now. Luthor and Brainiac am running U.S. Army. Is it Dark Knight time, yet?")

The theoretical adult that lives in my skull now wants to call attention to this reader comment recently submitted to tnh's Making Light.

Supporting punishment for the six or seven U.S. military officers who participated in Abu Ghuraib is not the limit of our possible responses to this atrocity. In the comment referenced above, Rob Toshany provides practical advice about contacting elected representatives to complain.

"If you call your senator's local office, for instance, I would advise against laying blame for the situation on any political faction. (That goes double if the senator actually DOES lean toward the saber-rattling persuasion.) Instead, you might simply bring up the Abu Ghraib atrocities (the recent ones, the ones commited BY Americans) and ask what the senator is doing about the situation beyond condemning it. For instance, is he or she calling for an investigation to make sure nothing like this is going on elsewhere in Iraq, or for reforms in the armed forces or intelligence services to ensure that nothing like this happens again?"

For me, the next steps are to call those offices AGAIN, and to recruit as many people on the local level to do the same. I also plan to call the White House, as well as others in Congress who ought to share this concern."

I'm lazy about following through on this kind of stuff. I'm referencing Rob Toshany's comment here as a reminder to contact my own local Senator and Congressperson -- to ask them to do their jobs. (This is definitely a more doable chore than locating a transporter beam to haul Ray Palmer out of a subatomic micro-prison.)

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