Spacecrab (spacecrab) wrote,

Put Poetry in Your Blog Day

Hm. A LiveJournal meme that I actually like.

An Encyclopedia Affair

by Don Marquis

The gay BOK-CAN was a gentleman
In a coat of gold and green, O!
And he loved SIB-SZO from head to toe,
Though the alphabet stretched between, O!

"SIB-SZO," he would say, "you keep away
From MOT-ORM and his doings,
Distrust the lip of the glib GOU-HIP,
And hearken to my wooings!

"BOKHARA goats, dear ma'am, eat oats,
And BURGUNDY grows good wine, ma'am!
CAMPHOR comes from vegetal gums,
O say that you'll be mine, ma'am!"

But SIB-SZO sighed as she replied,
"The SIMOON sweeps the sea, sir,
SPINOZA fought for the freedom of thought,
I cannot wed with thee, sir!"

"Where will you find," he cried, "a mind
More crowded with information?
Edmund BURKE was an eloquent Turk,
BRAZIL is quite a nation!

"The BURIAT wears his cheek-bones flat,
BROWNING wrote Sordello
The BRACHIOPOD is a creature odd,
Do you love some other fellow?"

She bowed her head and she wept and said,
"SYZRAN is a city,
SOCRATES scorned luxuries,
What I feel for you is pity.

"The SUGAR-BIRD is rather absurd,
And STEAM will raise a blister.
My sweetheart is the bold FAL-FYZ,
But I will be your sister!"

BOK-CAN did choke, and sadness BROKE
The heart in his noble BUST, sir
URA-ZYM found an URN for him
And DUG-EF claimed his DUST, sir!


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