Spacecrab (spacecrab) wrote,

Madison or bust!

The Thursday weather forecasts for Madison and for Minneapolis (the city where I'm catching a connecting flight to WisCon) both anticipate rain and possible thunder storms in the afternoon.

Oh well. Nate, if your music circle for Thursday evening is still on, I might wind up giving you a call.

This is last year's WisCon travel experience.

My program schedule for WisCon is light, this year. So I'll need to find something else to overcome my tendency to keep to myself (or just talk to people I already know). I'm kind of out-of-it, with respect to the rapid changes in fandom's social networking that have materialized since the advent of LiveJournal. Here's me, from last year, again, revealing what an oldphart I've become.

But I love WisCon, and I'm still hanging in. If you're on LJ and feel like saying hi, please feel free.

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