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Wiscon Panels

Isn't it a little early to be posting these? I guess it depends on whether the purpose of doing it is to build pre-con enthusiasm in people who aren't going yet, or to express one's own excitement/enthusiasm that "in a few days *I'll* be there."

Possibly, I'm just asleep through a paradigm change in the group mind of fandom--from reveling in spontaneity to desiring to model stage directions for the future -- lest one be left out of it. Or (most likely), the panel schedules are just grist for chit chat, like any other current event that fuels LiveJournal conversation.

Anyway, I'll be a sheep and post mine now (although I'm probably cheating myself of "see you there" comment responses with this Spacecrabby meta-speculation):

- - -
Revisiting the Wow: Books That Changed Everything (Reading, Viewing, and Critiquing SF&F)
Saturday, 8:30-9:45 a.m.

Remember that early work you experienced, the one that twisted off the top of your head and let new ideas in? Rereading breakthrough works can be a mixed blessing: insight into their power, disappointment with the writing or the concepts, embarrassment or bewilderment at what was so intriguing the first time around. Revisit one of your sparkplug works and come to share the experience.

James P. Roberts, M: Jesse Kaysen, Chris Hill, Carrie L Ferguson, Lenny Bailes
- - -

I had a lot of fun with this concept when it was presented at L.A.ConIV and moderated by Harry Turtledove. See you at WisCon (or the geeks among you, anyway, who can make themselves get up and eat breakfast before 8:30AM on a Saturday morning).

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