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Spacecrab's Journal
LB in SF
What's new on a slow Friday ... 
2nd-Dec-2006 06:09 am

Federal institute blasts paperless voting machines

Dems set to take on pension, health industries

U.S. Secretly Screening Travelers


Live! -- streaming from the KPFA performance studio


  • Sliding Delta Blues
  • Contract
  • I Don’t Know You
  • Lonesome LA Cowboy
  • Four Strong Winds
  • Whatcha Gonna Do
  • Dirty Business
  • Peggy-O
  • Louisiana Lady
  • Lochinvar
  • 15 Days Under the Hood
  • Last Lonely Eagle
  • Henry
  • Sutter’s Mill
  • Garden of Eden
  • Whiskey
  • Panama Red

Followed by a kickass 11/13/06 jam band version of "The Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion," courtesy of Bob Weir and Ratdog.

And a Spacecrab job interview, today, with the Computer Networking and Information Technology department at City College of San Francisco.
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