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Spacecrab's Journal
LB in SF
Mike Ford, Entropy, and ribbons for our hair 
27th-Oct-2006 04:40 pm
elisem, a good friend, wishes this link about today's memorial for Mike to be spread throughout the Ether.

The linked post in nemesis_draco contains additional information about two charity fund drives that Mike would be happy to know are thriving: The John M. Ford Memorial Endowment Fund for Friends of the Minneapolis Library and the Surgical Transplant Fund for the Hennepin Kidney Transplant Program.

Elise, I'm not sure whether you'll find time to read this post in the vastness of the LJ Web, but if you do, here's a link to a "A Piece For You", which is a Phil Lesh song that you might like. (*Lyrics are here.)

Mike is alive in my heart and mind:
V'Yis Gaddol, V'Yis Kaddash, we're Animaniacs, once a Green Lantern, always a Green Lantern, amen.

Incredible String Band -- 1970
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