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Spacecrab's Journal
LB in SF
Brust-Aid for aging brain cells 
22nd-Aug-2006 11:42 pm
You say you've just started reading "Dzur," and you can't quite remember what happened to Vlad's weapons in "Issola?" When was the last time he encountered The Sorceress in Green, anyway? Where did he meet Aibynn? Why can't Verra hear him, if he's wearing the Phoenix Stone?

Steve's not telling you again, if you don't remember. You either listen to Vlad with the brain cells you've got left, or begin reading all the books all over again -- if you want to get the full technicolor experience.

I don't know whether Steve would approve of this, but there is actually another alternative. Brust-Aid for aging brain cells is available, here. In the coming cybernetic world of the future, maybe Tor will package this website into every new Vlad novel. *Or maybe not.*

(I have found one jarring note that needs to be corrected. Try searching for "Orb" and see what you get.)
24th-Aug-2006 03:29 am (UTC)
Hours of fun.
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