Spacecrab (spacecrab) wrote,

Fandom in the 60s

Actually, I'm still only 59. There are a few months left before the digit in the tens place rolls over on me, again.

Just between us, I become like a depressed, ticking clock (with blocked minute and second hands) every July when I read the preliminary Worldcon program draft. I attended my first one at age 17, in 1963. To condense an epic stream o' consciousness rumble, I want the new conventions to kindle the intellectual and emotional excitement that the old ones delivered to me.

I'm appreciative of the fact that Craig Miller, this year's Worldcon programming head, was willing to read my various emails, consider and adopt some of the ideas I tossed in his direction. Craig is one of the best Worldcon facilitators in the business. He's committed to serving the needs of all the various factions and demographics in the modern science fiction community. The L.A.Con IV programming committee has really done right, this year, by the core of readers and writers who comprise the legacy brigade of carpers, diarists and punditizers in fandom. L.A.Con IV has fanzine (and blogger) programming up the wazoo.

I'm, therefore, able to get past my disappointment in not getting any of the following into the show:

After the Garden
Is the United States on a one-way ride to becoming a post-democratic state populated by corporate citizens? What can we do to stop the gradual replacement of individual rights and freedoms in this country with corporate rights and freedoms? (Alternate title: Egypt Land: are we all working for the Pharoah?)

Media Matters
How do bloggers challenge lies and political distortion fields that mainstream media overlooks? This article inspired me to suggest that this might be a good discussion for LACon.

Sexism in Superhero Books
See Teresa Nielsen Hayden's ML essay on Styrofoam Tits.

The Battle of the Sexes in SF
A discussion of the changing roles women have played in shaping science fiction, centered around Justine Larbalestier's research project: sex objects to 3-D characters in stories. Or it might focus on the changing roles women have had as authors, editors, and reviewers in the science fiction field -- introducing new con attendees to the history of feminism in s-f, the creation of WisCon, the Tiptree award, and the expanding literary counterculture (encompassing literary diversity) that centers around WisCon.

If you don't like the news, go out and make some of your own. -- Scoop Nisker

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