Spacecrab (spacecrab) wrote,

The locusts sing again

Happy birthday to the Invisible Republic, (and lydy).

KPFA's annual Elston Gunn Birthday Bash started at 8PM PDT and will roll till midnight. If it's already past May 24th where you are, you can listen to it through the time warp. [[5-28: link seems to be offline, right now; will update if/when it works again.]]

Hey, I know what I'm talking about, even if no one else does. If you click your way to KPFA and like the sound, you might also consider pledging a subscription. They're winding up a fund-raising drive and, in addition to Spacecrab-friendly events like the one cited above, they do things like the lonely broadcast of John Conyers' basement hearing, the live coverage of the Michael Hayden confirmation hearing, last week, and readings from Digby and Firedoglake almost every Sunday.

Mm, right now, they're playing Bob and George outtakes from Concert for Bangladesh.

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