Spacecrab (spacecrab) wrote,

Burglar Alarm! New 700 Billion Dollar Bush Heist


Washington Post, February 8, 2006:

"Last year, even though Bush talked endlessly about the supposed joys of private accounts, he never proposed a specific plan to Congress and never put privatization costs in the budget. But this year, with no fanfare whatsoever, Bush stuck a big Social Security privatization plan in the federal budget proposal, which he sent to Congress on Monday.

Unlike Bush's generalized privatization talk of last year, we're now talking detailed numbers. On page 321 of the budget proposal, you see the privatization costs: $24.182 billion in fiscal 2010, $57.429 billion in fiscal 2011 and another $630.533 billion for the five years after that, for a seven-year total of $712.144 billion."
-- Link via "The Sideshow"

So Bush and Cheney have stolen the 230 billion dollar surplus that Clinton built up, given it to their rich friends through upper-class biased tax cuts, allowed crooked Heritage Foundation interns to embezzle billions in Iraq, force-awarded contracts to corrupt KBC/Halliburton, cheated the population of Iraq, robbed U.S. soldiers of their retirement pay, failed to spend money on the military supplies that might have saved the lives of other soldiers, siphoned more money over to incompetent private disaster management companies after Hurricane Katrina, stolen the medical benefits of senior citizens to pump more money into pharmaceutical companies.

The shifty deadpan liar has been swindling us and looting the U.S. Treasury for five years through his folksy blockhead smokescreen and the Republican press-gang campaigns for the credulous.

Now that his lies are so well-exposed, Bush appears to be abandoning the strategy of asking Congress in the open for permission to hijack the safe. Instead, he's decided to try extending the eight-year bustout of the United States Treasury into the indefinite future by stealth and fiat; because, "ha ha, who's going to stop me?"

Hey. If you're angry enough to try slapping his smarmy hand out of your pocket:

Contact info for Republican congressmen. If you're in their district, you might want to call them and protest.

General contact info for the Senate and House of Representatives.

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