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They can't get me, I'm as free as free (in re Windows WMF virus)

It's the general Spacecrab policy to avoid redundantly echoing information that other geeks have voiced more eloquently than I can.

This policy excludes pleas to read an important Making Light thread -- in which we learn that a consumer protection group has successfully lobbied the Federal Drug Administration into discontinuing medication that's been saving lives in general, and the life of tnh in particular. As far as that goes, I'm hoping that someone (possibly me) will find time to compile a quick list from that thread of places to write and protest. It is apparently possible to petition the FDA to reverse their ban.

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In re the Windows WMF security flaw:
If you want to find out whether your Windows computer is immune to the WMF vulnerability, point your web browser to

If the Windows Calculator pops up on your desktop, you know you still need to do some patching. The next infected image file you see in your web browser could have the command DEL C:\*.* embedded in it.

More details at

Also, this more obscure piece of Windows geekery: The official Microsoft patch for the WMF security flaw works only works on Windows 2000 and Windows XP, not Windows 98 or Windows ME.

A *new* unofficial patch (not the Ilfak one) that includes Windows 9x/ Windows ME is available at:

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Note to self: while on the "can't get me" subject, remember to support the Open Source Community's search to patch the Samuel Alito security threat.

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