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Spacecrab's Journal
LB in SF
Solstice Cheer from Captain Boomerang (and His Pals) 
24th-Dec-2005 09:40 pm

Hm. This link (streaming MP3) still seems to work. Why not post it, again? (Novice MP3 user drill: if you click directly on a link, your music player may spend a lot of time downloading the file before you get to hear it, unless you use a streaming player like Winamp. You may be able to right-click on a URL, copy it, and paste it into your player as a "streaming URL," and the music will start immediately.)

I'm enjoying the season in my idiosyncratic, mystically secular way. The Doctor is returning, if no one else.

##Footnote for kalimac, and others in the small group who occasionally attempt to grok the Spacecrab mystical experience: lyrics for the instrumental selection in the MP3 link.
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