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Wine of the Dreamers

Listen here to Paul Kantner telling Steve Silberman about C.S. Lewis, Robert Heinlein, and Benny Goodman -- in celebration of a remixed release of Blows Against the Empire. ((Windows users, Winamp will begin streaming this immediately. Other MP3 apps may download the whole 17000KB before starting to play.))

Also included in this two-hour "Dead to the World" interview: interesting musico-technical neep from Kantner and some good, previously unreleased, Jefferson Airplane cuts. Steve Silberman is a great interviewer and the unreleased BoE cuts feature young Jerry Garcia at his finger-licking best.

How can I say this without alienating everyone? The thing of it is this: these were *real* browncoat/gypsy rebels against the Alliance.

- - -

Kantner: "I steal from everybody. Any good songwriter does. The secret to being a good songwriter, I think, is stealing and changing it enough so that you're not obviously stealing. And adding to it the thing that your band, or you, or whatever is -- to make it unique."

Hide witch, hide!
The good folks come to burn thee,
their keen enjoyment hid behind
a gothic mask of duty.

--Mark Clifton/Alex Apostolide,                         

The witch hunters wail and they bark and they wheeze and they try to turn us
Into their poison

--Paul Kantner,

Astounding, Dec. 1953                                         Blows Against the Empire, 1970


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