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My thought processes about the last week are a bit meta. I'm feeling angrier and more frustrated than last week about Bush and his incompetent, avaricious administration (like most everyone I know). In addition to making financial donations to Katrina relief efforts, I'd like to do what I can to mitigate more national disasters.

I'm making bookmarks now, to save for letter writing and future election campaigns. This is the one potentially-useful idea in my brain that I haven't seen echoed on numerous blogs and livejournals.

I'm slower at generating useful words and relaying useful information than many of my online friends and acquaintances. When I see that pertinent information about something has already been posted in two or three high-bandwidth locations, my keyboard finger synapses tend to time out. But I want to bottle and preserve legitimate outrage at Bush and his policies. I want cold statistics and straight facts at my fingertips to reintroduce later on, when people's raw emotions have cooled and Republican spinmeisters have honed their new attempts at vote-getting misdirection.

They're already beginning:

"The problem is not a lack of resources, will or the organization to provide assistance," said James Jay Carafano, a senior research fellow in homeland security at the conservative Heritage Foundation. "The problem is how to get it to the tens of thousand of people who need it."

"The notion that under these impossible conditions the dire needs of the city could be efficiently addressed in a few days is simply ludicrous," he said. "It would be irresponsible to gauge the competence and magnitude of the national response solely by the speed with which resources are brought to bear. How quickly assistance arrives will be dictated by the realities on the ground."

Pls revive this.

So, OK. We save the documented reports that National Guard units (and other disaster relief organizations) were ready to go to work even before Katrina struck land. We refresh the public memory that five days later, the Bush administration is/was still denying the Red Cross permission to enter Louisiana. We save up our questions, re-ask them and mail them to our representatives. "Now why was that?" We remember to raise the question of Bush's methodology in appointing people to his administration, noting that the man appointed to head FEMA was fired for incompetence from his last job, overseeing horse shows.

I'm making sure to bookmark soundbyte quotes from Bush and Dennis Hastert. (Better yet, save the files to hard disks. Links expire.)

I'm also tying a virtual string around my finger to remember that 3.5 billion dollars of FEMA's 6.6 billion dollar budget in 2002 was diverted to Homeland Security to "fight terrorism."

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