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Just a note for my friends I don't connect with on Facebook. I'm still around. Haven't been active in some time. But I do check in here and may occasionally comment.

Today I'm thinking about comic books, a bit complicated. I've also been thinking about clowns. Keep posting if the spirit moves you. I'll try to do the same.

Infinite Minds ...

A few days ago, I woke up in the middle of the night after a typical dream about being at a party of s-f fans -- and my brain started chewing on the question of what I get out of belonging to science fiction fandom that has made the experience so important to me. Oddly (or not), I didn't think so much about the fanzines or the years of party hopping at convention hotels; but about all of the good panel discussions in the daytime and the good night-time music circles. Something going on there, when things are right, that's hard to duplicate in other places.

I got out of bed at 3AM, went to my computer and googled some Robin Williamson lyrics that I remembered.

"You're one of my kind;
You're an infinite mind."

Lots of baggage about saying that to just anyone, but maybe Robin Williamson gets away with it where Claude Degler couldn't.
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Life is complicated

I thought I was in too much of a funk to care about comics fanboy stuff; but leave it to Alan Moore to draw me back in with his amazingly compelling writing, just as he's done in the past. The recently published screed on Pádraig Ó Méalóid's blog, titled "Last Alan Moore Interview?" is fascinating reading -- particularly for someone who's read a lot of comic books written by Alan Moore and Grant Morrison.

Given no other source material, it would be easy to fall completely under the sway of Moore's compelling rhetoric in this. (Thanks to kalimac for the link.): http://slovobooks.wordpress.com/2014/01/09/last-alan-moore-interview/comment-page-1/#comments

But, I couldn't buy into Alan's dismissal of Grant Morrison as a no-talent hack, whatever personal business has passed between him and Morrison. After reading through a bunch of reader comments, I was motivated to click on a response by some of the individuals Alan roasts so devastatingly in this piece.


If you compare this article with Moore's interview, you'll find contradictory statements concerning matters of fact. I'm not scholar enough to resolve them.

Plus, I didn't buy DC's "Before Watchmen," but I was genuinely touched by Darwyn Cooke's work in it -- despite my belief that Alan had the right of it in asking that DC not publish the series.

Life is complicated.


OK, I've been sick, recently, no public details, but I'm getting better. I spent most of the day working on my music. I'm playing guitar again, in my three-to-four chord way. I worked on mixing some recordings in Nero WaveEditor, which has enough features for what I want to do right now. Mostly, I find flaws in my voice and am conscious of stops and small muffs in my playing, but I've got a few recordings on my hard disk, now, that sound good enough, to me, for public distribution -- to a public that might like square folk songs. I've got a one or two personal ballads; been going over recordings from my open mike days in the '90s. I got a little applause back then and am building toward going out in public again.

While I'm out of work, this keeps me going in the daytime. I hope I'm in shape to make it to next year's Minicon, or some Minneapolis music gathering. I miss playing at them.

Links provided in private for anyone curious to listen to what I've been doing.

Can this villain be converted back into a hero?

"Utah politicians accused President Barack Obama of pandering to Latino voters after he vowed Friday to block the deportation of young immigrants as long as they get an education or join the military."

                -- The Salt Lake Tribune (via Digby)


See, also, my earlier (only partially whimsical) post on the failure of Congress to pass the Dream Act.

(My opinion about Geoff Johns' relevance to the subject of this post is reserved for another day.)